Bespoke Beermats – not just the beer talking

Having always held a special place in the hearts of Irish punters, the beermat is also a wonderful branding opportunity for your pub.
As the printer-of-choice for your sector in Ireland, we understand your needs completely and have been providing specialist print services for over ten years. We print real beermats on heavy pulp board, designed to soak up spills and keep their shape and look good.

We can do a short run for an upcoming event in your bar or supply you with enough to do you for the year. Whether you want them round, square or in a customised shape, we’ll sort it out for you. You can advertise everything on them from food offers to craft beer, gigs and so much more. We design and print beermats for bars and pubs all over Ireland – and we can do the same for you.

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“Everyone loves the beermats! And they keep our customers informed about what’s coming up, what’s beer-of-the-month and the like, and we are delighted with the service and products we get from Cian and Lynne”
Tommy Smith – Tommy’s gaff

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